PokeMini Emulator v0.6

PokeMini Emulator, l'émulateur portatif de Pokémon-Mini.se met à jour en passant en version 0.6.

Cela faisait quelques mois que JustBurn n'avait pas updaté son émulateur.
Changelog :
  •   Changed version format to only 2 fields to avoid confusion
  •   Fixed RTC month being reported wrong from host
  •   Adjusted graphics, now it display darker shades to match more closely the real system
  •   Added 2 new options: LCD contrast and LCD bright
  •   Changed the way analog LCD mode works, now it's less blurry and can do up to 5 shades without artifacts
  •   SDL port has been upgraded to SDL 2, this brings Haptic support and other improvements
  •   New Keyboard/Joystick option to allow checking inputs
  •   Applying joystick settings now can (re)enable the device
  •   Share EEPROM is now disabled by default
  •   Emulator can be compiled for 64-bit CPU without issues now
  •   Limited sync-cycles to 64 on 'accurancy' platforms

Mappage des touches :
  Pokémon-Mini     DC Keys
  D-PAD Left       D-PAD Left or Joystick
  D-PAD Right      D-PAD Right or Joystick
  D-PAD Up         D-PAD Up or Joystick
  D-PAD Down       D-PAD Down or Joystick
  Key A            Key B
  Key B            Key A
  Key C            Shoulder R
  Shock Detector   Shoulder L
  Power Button     Start
  UI Menu          Key X

Téléchargement : PokeMini v0.6
Lien officiel : sourceforge.net
Source : dreamcast-talk.com
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