SEEP's Fighting Street : Director's Cut

Ripfire propose son dernier portage pour Dreamcast d'un BOR de SEEP :  Fighting Street.

Fighting Street : Director's Cut est un remake de Street Fighter. Plusieurs modes de jeu (1VS1, beat'em up...), jouable à deux, personnages cachés... sont au programme.

Changements et autres modifications opérés par Ripfire :
• Retro look feeling with a new sprites, characters, paletess and stages by SEEP.
• Great Story Mode, all in one: action, RPG, platform, 1vs1, beat'em up.
• Level Up system.
• Two different ending.
• The co-op mode for one or two player.
• Secret characters.
• Guest-star from Capcom's games.
• You can see a many pictures in the Art Gallery.
• Arrange soundtrack from the Turbografx-CD version.
+ Fixed Characters Select (by Ripfire)
+ Fixed all Stage (By Ripfire)
+ Fixed "How to Play Menu" (By Ripfire)
+ New Logo (^_^)

Source : mini charla
Téléchargement : FS DC
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