SD Card Maker v1.04 Beta (11-03-2015)

Madsheep met une nouvelle fois à jour son utilitaire de gestion des cartes SD pour GDemu nommé SD Card Maker, il s'agit d'une Beta.

 Rappel des possibilités :
    • Prepare your SD CARD For the GDEMU
    • Edit SD CARD after Creation
    • Add,Remove images
    • Rearrange your images (by Drag and Drop or with the buttons)
    • Drag and Drop folders or images files
    • Region Patching for GDI files
    • VGA Patching for GDI files
    • Menu Creation & Editing
    • Auto saving Options
    • You can translate to your language

      Changelog de cette version :
      Menu :
      Boot method changed (now skips the animation and goes straight to the licensing screen).
      Region check patch.
      VGA check patch.
      Also added a patch to the bios syscall to reset the console when you press the in-game soft reset combo (abxy+start).
      This will allow you to use the "reset_goto = 1" on the gdemu.ini to get back to the menu after resetting.
      For now to start a game with the patches enabled you have use Start button instead of A.
      It's possible that some games may not work well with this boot method and start to misbehave after booting or during game play.
      So it still needs some testing to make sure everything works well as possible.

      Program :
      Added the menu :D.
      Added the "reset_goto = 1" to save automatically in the gdemu.ini.
      Fixed the fat Detection.

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      Téléchargement : SD Card Maker 11-03-15
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