[Emu] ScummVM v1.5.0

L'émulateur ScummVM se met à jour et passe en version 1.5.0.

Changelog pour dreamcast :

New Games:
- Added support for Backyard Baseball 2003.
- Added support for Blue Force.
- Added support for Darby the Dragon.
- Added support for Dreamweb.
- Added support for Geisha.
- Added support for Gregory and the Hot Air Balloon.
- Added support for Magic Tales: Liam Finds a Story.
- Added support for Once Upon A Time: Little Red Riding Hood
- Added support for Sleeping Cub's Test of Courage.
- Added support for Soltys.
- Added support for The Princess and the Crab.

- Updated MT-32 emulation code to latest munt project snapshot. The emulation
improved dramatically.
- Implemented support for TrueType fonts via FreeType2 in our GUI. Along
with it GNU FreeFont was also added to our modern theme. Note that not all
ports take advantage of this.
- Added Basque translation.
- Added custom game and engine options in the AGI, DREAMWEB, KYRA, QUEEN,
SKY and SCI engines. It is now possible to toggle these options via the
Engine tab when adding or editing a configuration for a game. In most
cases, you will have to run each game once or readd them all in ScummVM's
launcher in order to get the custom options tab.
- Improved predictive dialog look.
- Various GUI improvements.

Broken Sword 1:
- Fixed incorrect sound effects in the DOS/Windows demo.
- Added support for PlayStation videos.
- Fixed missing subtitles in the demo.

Broken Sword 2:
- Added support for PlayStation videos.

- Implemented Roland MT-32 output driver.

- Added Spanish subtitles in the Von Braun cutscene (#3069981: no subtitles
in scene with "von Braun").

- Fixed a crash in Lost in Time
- Rewrote the AdLib player. Enabled the now working MDY player in
Fascination and Geisha.

- Added support for the Macintosh version of SPY Fox in Hold the Mustard.
- Added a difficulty selection dialog for Loom FM-TOWNS.
- Fixed graphical glitches in HE98 version of Pajama Sam's Lost & Found.

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