RadQuake 4.5

Ian Micheal publie RadQuake 4.5 pour Dreamcast.

Après de longues années de travail, Ian Micheal  nous propose son mod basé sur le moteur de Quake.
Voici le caractéristiques du jeu :
  • 2D PVR Rending
  • implemented VMU support for config and state saving/loading (new cvars)
  • modified the menu (fixed some bugs and added some submenus)
  • implemented characters face display on the VMU's screen (loaded from a 144x160 1-bit image located in /cd/lcdicons.png)
  • implemented rumble pack support (new cvars - only tested with Mad Catz's)
  • modified Quake common functions to gain some speed (store queues)
  • implemented a 50/60Hz display mode selector for PAL Dreamcasts
  • implemented screenshots saving to PC (requires a coder cable or a BBA, screenshots are saved to /pc/radquake**.pcx)
  • added extra icon for the VMU (ICONDATA_VMS)
  • added extra background image for the boot menu (EXTRA.BG.PVR)
  • implemented ability to move/resize the screen
  • fixed the "quit" option so it leaves the application with DC-load
  • implemented a main screen with a disc checking routine (it looks for /cd/QUAKE/ID1/PAK0.PAK)
  • CD audio support
  • Full keyboard support
  • Full mouse support

Le développeur tient à remercier les personnes suivantes :
  • Speud
  • BlackAura
  • Bero
  • Fragger
  • Blue crab

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