Dreamshell 4.0.0 RC 4 et ISO Make 2.4 releasés !

Une toute nouvelle version de Dreamshell vient de sortir.

Cet OS pour Dreamcast est développé par le russe DCSwat. Ce dashboard passe en version 4.0.0 RC 4. Par la même occasion ISO Make 2.4 est libéré.

Ci-dessous, en anglais, les spécificités de cette nouvelle version :

  • User settings (display, startup)
  • The new display modes (including widescreen)
  • The relative (in %) of size and position in the XML
  • Inheritance sizes from parents in XML
  • Fixed the background color for the panel in the XML
  • Refined attributes align/valign in XML
  • Automatic positioning of UI elements in containers
  • Display application name, and loading process on VMU LCD
  • Updated and improved libs: fatfs, png, jpeg, zlib, SDL, SDL_Image, SDL_gui, mxml
  • Some other optimizations and fixes
  • The code compiled on GCC 5.2.0 with Newlib 2.2.0 and latest version of KallistiOS

  • Main
  • File Manager : explorateur de fichiers/dossiers
  • Bios Flasher : pour flasher le bios
  • GD Ripper : pour dumper les GD-Rom
  • Speedtest : pour tester les vitesses de transfert
  • VMU Manager : pour gérer ses sauvegarde
  • ISO Loader : lancer des ISO et autres images

  • gdiopt command as in iso make pack
  • cso command as in iso make pack
  • sip command for recording from microphone

  • Updated API module lauKOS
  • Updated API module luaSDL
  • Updated API module luaGUI
  • Fixes and improvements in module isofs. Moved some TOC code from loader to this module.
  • Corrections in support of the CDI.
  • Fixes and improvements in module isoldr. Added new options to the boot loader. Moved checking type of the executable file from the loader to this module.
  • A new module dreameye instead of command
  • Updated module minilzo

  • Boot Loader
  • BIOS
  • ISO loaders

ISO Make Pack
  • Added utility for convert CDI to ISO
  • Added utility for convert NRG to ISO

RecommendationsTry to use only ISO and optimized GDI images! The CDI and unoptimized GDI images works significantly worse!
Some games without true async DMA will not work.
At formatting your device to FAT32, choose the maximum size of the cluster.

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