Dead Or Alive 2 : Final libéré

Annoncé il y a quelques mois pour cet été (lire ici), Green Ranger tient promesse. En effet son mod Dead Or ALive 2 : Final a été libéré peut de temps avant l'arrivé de l'automne.

Ce mod de Dead Or Alive 2 apporte de multiples changements au jeu de Tecmo, en voici une liste non exhaustive :
1) New Title Screen that reads- DEAD OR ALIVE 2 FINAL
2a) Stage Slideshow during Title Screen sequence has been altered
2b) New music throughout the game- Stages, Training Mode, Mode Select Screen and Ending Credits have new music
3) Character dialogue changed extensively to give some fighters new storylines, and also dialogue changed in general
to sound less confusing when interacting with characters.
4) New/edited costumes for nearly every fighter (costumes from my previous mods were tweaked/updated for this release)
5) DOA3 character stances for Zack and Genfu
6) Bass & Tina's storyline now have a new Tina Poster on the brick wall and in Bass' room
7) Stage layouts differ for various characters in Story Mode- nice way to spice things up!
8) Bigger Dummy file in CDI image to allow for faster load times
9) In Versus & Watch Mode the Aerial Garden is automatically Night, press R-trigger to access Daytime Aerial Garden
10)I hope I'm not forgetting anything..! Read below for the costume changes-

C1- Made Kasumi Outfit Red instead of Blue (I think it looks better)
C5- New Blue Bathing Suit
C1- New Tecmo Underwear with Bra, only accessible if you press R-trigger to select C1.

C6- Added Spider and Web Designs to his pants

C1- New Spider-Woman Costume
C4- Play as Helena's Mom (Tina's *shredded* costume now edited and placed in her ending)
C5- Tina's Supermodel outfit now playable
**- Tina has a new runway outfit, modified from the *shredded* costume

C1- New 'Dhalsim' inspired costume
C2- Play as the Bunny that Zack wants to cook for Tina! (The Bunny is now Zack's height so expect hilarity & weirdness!)
C5- Removed glasses from Shawdowman costume- now you can finally see his eyes

C4- New Dreamcast Shirt costume

C4- Added glasses and band-aid to Ayane's face to give her more of a *nerdy* schoolgirl look

C1- Opera costume now playable
C5- New custom Helena skin- darker skin complexion, tattoo on chest, hair style change, different color clothes, etc.

C2- New Resident Evil Nemesis Skin, with the face of Nemesis and the Umbrella logo on his back
C3- New 'Clown Man Bass' costume

C3- New custom Bayman skin with yellow hat, green vest, blue/gray pants and facial war paint

C4- New Tomb Raider inspired costume
C5- Total color swap of Blue costume to Yellow

C4- New Brad Wong costume

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