GDI Explorer 1.6

Japanese-cake met à jour son logiciel Windows GDI Explorer en le passant en version 1.6.
Cet utilitaire permet l'ouverture des images GDI Dreamcast et Naomi et quelques modifications.

Voici le changelog :
- Added: a nice IP.BIN viewer (game settings, images, libraries and a lot more).
- Added: Primary Volume Descriptor viewer.
- Added: MR image conversion and extraction.
- Added: File extraction via Drag'n Drop operation.
- Added: Status bar to show the program last event.
- Added: Padus DiscJuggler image (.CDI) support.
- Added: Disc track extraction.
- Added: Settings menu for mostly the file associations.
- Added: Auto-load NAOMI DES key
- Fixed: IP.BIN parsing errors.
- Fixed: Progress bar flickering.
- Fixed: Support data/data images.
- Fixed: Memory leakages.
- Fixed: Typos here and there
- Improved: UI colors, remove and add some icons.
- Improved: Try reading image even if IP.BIN missing.
- Improved: Error handling for non-compliant images.
- Improved: Explicit error messages upon IP.BIN parsing errors.
- Improved: Code robustness.
- Testing: Add unit tests for IP.BIN parsing.

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