De multiples mods HL par Dreammatrix

Dreammatrix du forum nous propose le portage de plusieurs mods de Half-Life : Darkstar, Project Xeno1 et 2, Assault on Roswell et enfin Mission Failed.

Vidéo du mod Xeno 2 :

Features :
Full speed, saves working, 100% acurate, menu selection to acess all four mods without keyboard.

Changelog :
Beta version: 03/01/2013 - 10/02/2013
I fixed two maps on xeno project
Converted all sound on yamaha-pcm format
Converted all .wads to pvr format
including a new hl.wad on pvr format with better resolution than the older.
Added saves messages on maps with save suport.
Added save game on all four mods
Added a menu selection for Project xeno and Mission failed.
Data struture optimizations
Added dummy file and a sorttxt!

Final Version 15/02/2013 :
Fix the fisrt map of xeno project 2 (map was freezing)
Fix map05 from mission failed (map was freezing)

Bugs :
On the second map of Xeno Project1; the elevator, scientist and guard became invisible, only save and load your game then the level will stay normal!
Map 12 and 13 from Missiopn Failed are freezing (i could not fix this!)

Warning :
The save system is not working on all levels a message will apear when you can save... (save your game now)

Merci à Jun Misugi pour sa proposition de news dans le forum.

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