[Game-Mod] 4x4 ProEvolution v0.1.2b

CptPauer du forum dcfan.net.ru nous libre la version 0.1.2b de son mod maison du jeu 4x4 Evolution.

Les nouveautés apportées à cette nouvelle version sont celles-ci :
  •   video, logos, yadpcm, CDDA and levels test
  • -used now english version of game. (Snesorama is rock))
  • added new intro video (just for fun. This is a test of video playback). Downloaded it from youtube
  • added new CDDA music from Rock'n'Roll racing and Road Rush (just for fun. this is a test of CDDA. Will be replaced. Is that if you like it ..). On some music tracks put voice of Larry (like "Let's carnage begin..")
  • added new logos (They are terrible, I know. This is for test.)
  • added new menus music (some are repeated. This is just a test too. Rock'n'Roll racing, Asphalt PSP, Road Rush)
  • added new checkpoint sound as in MTM2. If I put the correct voice (I'm not sure. I have 4 of them) this is the final version
  • added new truck - the good old Jeep Wrangler YJ (I did not create it, if that)
  • added new custom map - CRAZY 2011 =D Just to check if that possible, do not expect much from it.

Pour des raisons de légalité je ne peux me permettre de vous donner le lien de téléchargement, cependant je vous indique le lien officiel.

Lien officiel : dcfan.net.ru