[Game] Le vrai du faux du faussement vrai sur le beta-testing de Sturmwind ?

Après les multiples reports de Sturmwind avec les explications très controversées de RedSpotGames, il est difficile de se faire notre propre avis sur la véracité des informations données par ce distributeur tant le manque de communication est énorme depuis plus d'un an.

Le beta-testing fut l'une des principales excuses de report du jeu et nombreux sont ceux qui soupçonnèrent que cette phase n'eut jamais existé.

Hier, pour palier à ce point noir, un tout nouveau membre du forum dreamcast-talk.com nommé Omnibot2000 est sorti de l'ombre en affirmant être l'un des béta-testeurs du jeu.

Nouvelle intox de RSG ? Mythomane ? ou réelle affirmation ? je vous laisse seuls juges :

I'm a member of the betatesting team of STURMWIND and I can assure you that THERE ARE betatesters out there. We have testers from Germany, the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands (hope I didn't forget anyone). So RSG is not lying to you, we actually exist and are legion.
It has been a unique experience. When I received the first beta, I was blown away by the quality of the game's graphics. I honestly think that in terms of eyecandy STURMWIND belongs to the top five of shmups on the system. Don't expect "homebrew quality". This one imo Looks better than Border Down (which makes it the most beautiful Hori on the DC) and comes close to Ikaruga and Under Defeat. It may not throw around as many polygons, but I think the quality of the rendered sprites and the effects is outstanding. And there ARE polygons, for example in many of the backgrounds.
Gameplaywise, the first beta already was an excellent game. It had some little flaws and some minor bugs but those where soon removed. Additionally when a betatester suggested an idea or an improvement, Duranik thought about it and often agreed and implemented it. So version after version, the game got better and better. In my opinion, it now is a timeless classic. It plays a lot like the 1990s classics for Megadrive and NeoGeo, it is not "Bullethell-Style". I like that. What impresses me the most in STURMWIND beside the visuals is the "staging". The game never ceases to impress you with details and ideas. And the game is HUGE. The scale of the game/the fact that it has many worlds/levels took flak from some members of the shmup community. Personally I think a great game can't have enough worlds/levels. I love the variety STURMWIND offers.

If there is a disadvantage, it is the fact that I already know the game by heart. I envy everyone who receives the game and inserts it in his DC the first time :lol:

I'm sorry if this description reads like an advertising, but this is what I truly think of the game. Being a member of the team and contributing a tiny little bit to this piece of Dreamcast history was a great experience. I'm grateful for it and will never forget it.

Merci à cabou pour le relais d'information.

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